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Yoda Wishes You Happy Holidays!

Yoda? You ask. In a Christmas suit? Yeah, I have to agree. Wierd. This picture, I believe is from the Star Wars Holiday Special that was on CBS in November 1978. The HS was so horrible that George Lucas said he wanted every copy of it to be destroyed. (Lucas did not work on it, he was busy working on ESB.)

Chewie and his family. *LOL!*

The whole story of this movie thing was that Chewie wanted to get back to his family on Kashyyk. In the movie there was singing, cartoons, and a bunch of other stupid stuff.

Han in the only action scene. Wow.

Most of the cast from ANH returned. Carrie Fisher (Leia) sang a song in the end- I heard that she sang horribly. Also, Han was in the only action scene. (Good for him!!!!) And Mark Hamill was in a car accident just before taping (he was all cut up) and they slathered the makeup on.

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