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Welcome To Yavin 8!

New on Yavin 8!!! A Holiday page with Star Wars mixed in. With
pictures, info on the SW Holiday Special, top ten lists, and more!
Hurry! It's only going to be posted untill Jan. 1, 1998!

Welcome to

Yavin 8! Yavin 8 is a bluish- greenish moon of Yavin. Here you may Explore Yavin 8... that means you can view and sign my Dreambook {Guestbook} and more!!! Or, from Yavin 8 you can take a transporter to other planets like:

To Coruscant

Pictures, Prequels

To Tatooine

New!!! Star Wars Mailing List, Message Board, and Chat!

Please email me with comments, suggestions, etc.!

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