Delusions of Grandeur's Picture Collection

Due to recent technical difficulties, I have not been able to put as many pictures on this page as I would like.Also, if you don't have a very good browser this page will take FOREVER to load! Sorry I didn't use thumbnails, but that's because of my "technical difficulties". I chose my favorite pictures and put them on this page for you to check out. Hopefully, things will get better soon!
Also, you might want to check out Simply Star Wars, a page I found one day that has an excellent picture collection.


Jawas Carrying R2

Han and Jabba Walking and Slithering

Obi-Wan and Vader Fighting

Leia, Ready to Shoot



(Luke looks a little nervous!)

Leia, Feeling Luke Through the Force

Luke and Leia at the end of ESB


Droids on Endor

Luke and Vader Talking

The Emperor Electricuting Luke

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