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The Rebels, The Dark Sith Lord, And A Closet

Lily turned off the VCR after watching Return Of The Jedi. How many times had she watched it this summer? 100 times, she guessed. She headed upstairs and into her room. the first thing she noticed when she got into her room was that smoke was billowing out of her closet. Fire?

Lily was too curious to move or do anything. Suddenly, she saw a reddish glow from under her closet. Before she could react, the door flew open and there stood a tall, shadowy figure. His breathing sounded mechanical and at once she knew it was Vader. Vader stepped out of the closet and she stepped back. Then he ignited his red lightsaber.

For some reason, Lily reached for her waist feeling for a lightsaber. She found one. She ignited the blade and braced herself for the attack. Just then, Vader cocked his head in a strange way, then spoke.
"Where am I?"
The first thig Lily could think of to say was, "In a galaxy far, far away... on the 3rd rock from the sun."

"Oh. Sorry. Wrong Galaxy." With that, he turned around and walked back through the closet.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Lily thought about that closet thing. If Vader could come here from the Star Wars universe, couldn't she go there through the closet? She planned to find out.

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